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Authentic storytelling photography

to strengthen your brand and attract your ideal clients

What is going to set your business apart from the crowd is YOU!

Many small businesses use we instead of I to try to create an impression of professionalism, but the reality is that people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Professional images on your website and social media channels that help your audience relate to the real person and the passion behind your products or service

attract followers, build trust and grow your business.

Why choose Lumeah Photography?


Forget awkward posing and fake smiles.

Not everyone loves having their photo taken, so it can be nice to know that you will be looked after by someone who cares and wants you to look and feel great. When you can relax and be yourself, you will automatically look better.


This is all about you and your business.

Everything, from location choices and clothing guidance, to expressions and stories captured will be tailored to your unique brand and what you need to help you attract your ideal clients.


Your time, money and reputation are valuable.

You will be taken care of every step of the way – from first inquiry to consultation meeting, through the session, image delivery and beyond.


Competent & empathetic

Your audience doesn’t need you to be perfect, they want you to be authentic. They want to connect with someone they feel is competent in their field and who is going to care and listen to them.

Personal brand photography is tailored to your brand and to what will attract your ideal clients.

You and your business are unique and this should be reflected in the images you use.

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Authentic, natural images capturing your true personality

I’m a natural light photographer and a true believer that the only way to run a business is with heart and soul. I want to capture authentic images that embrace the real you in environments that capture the spirit of your business and your own personality – whether it’s in your work space, a café, your home, your favourite part of town, on a beach or your favourite city in the world. The possibilities are endless.

Trust me to help you relax and capture you at your very best and to be able to translate your personal brand into images.

3 reasons why you need professional, personal brand photographs


Social media may be free, but your time is not!

Social media begs for new content daily. Consider how much time you spend planning, setting up and taking photos yourself or searching for the perfect stock photo for social media day after day. This time should be spent doing what you do best – running your business!

Custom photography that is consistent and tailored to your unique business is an asset, and having access to a library of images will save you both time and money in the long run.


Visitors to the average webpage read at most 28% of the words

The human brain is designed to process visual imagery much faster than text.

We shop with our eyes and make many decision based on first impressions. It is impossible to run a business without good quality, professional and authentic images. As an absolute minimum, your website must have images that reflect the high standard you offer your customers.


Clients who can relate are more likely to invest

The images on your website, social media and all marketing materials influence the way your customers think – and more importantly feel – about you and your business or product.

Can they relate to you and your brand? Can they see themselves in your images – enjoying your product or the lifestyle or service that you promote? Can they see a personality that they like and want to invest time and money in?

Choose from a range of photographic services to suit your specific needs:

  • a full branding session to capture storytelling images and portraits for your website and social media
  • a small number of portraits for a specific purpose or to keep your web presence up-to-date

Full day branding sessions give you the ultimate branding experience, including your own personal shopper to help you choose what to wear, a hair and make-up artist and lunch.

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I’d contacted a few photographers, but you were the only one who replied quickly and you were friendly from the very beginning.

Besides your professionalism and the fact that your photos were beautiful, you are a very considerate photographer. As a customer, you appreciate being taken care of – both in emails and real life – and you do that very well!


You made this whole process so simple. I’m usually really uncomfortable in front of the camera, but you helped me to relax and made the session fun and painless. The photos were exactly what I’d hoped for and more. They suit my brand perfectly and it was obvious you had really listened to my wishes.


Interior & Landscape Designer, OAS Trädgård & Design

We discussed the scope and goals of the session in quite a constructive manner beforehand, which was reassuring. The way you work before and during the session removed any uncertainties or worries I might have had about being photographed.

It is clear you have a genuine interest in people and an eye for how to capture them. You are professional, yet good fun and easy-going, with a gentle way of communicating which helps you relax and not think as much about the camera.



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